The Council of Albanian Ambassadors Welcomes the Draft – Resolution of the Foreign Committee of the EU Parliament on Albania


Tirana, 6 March 2021

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) welcomes the Draft – Resolution on Albania, which was adopted by the Foreign Committee of the EU Parliament on the 4th of March 2021.

CAA takes this opportunity to commend the full-fledged and ongoing support that the EU Parliament has been providing to Albania on its path to EU Membership.

This support offered particularly by the two largest political groups in the EU Parliament proves that Albania’s friends in Europe are numerous and prevailing.

This reality should further mobilize the governmental, constitutional and independent institutions to fulfil rapidly and with priority all relevant conditions ; the latter would enable not only the start of accession negotiations but also their swift advancement.

CAA calls notably on the domestic political establishment, so that the upcoming elections on 25 April would be conducted in a peaceful climate, they would be free and fair and in keeping with the internationally – recognized standards.

Albania and Albanians deserve a democratic electoral process, untarnished by irregularities, the language of hatred and the sell & purchase of ballots.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors renews its gratefulness to the EU for all its support to Albania, including the financial aids to overcome the medical, economic and social difficulties produced by Pandemic Covid – 19.