Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the Referendum in Macedonia.


The Council of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) has extended its support to the Agreement between Greece and Macedonia on the name issue and on setting up a new framework of cooperation between them. In view of fostering the spirit of reconciliation, cooperation and integration, CAA encourages all voters in Macedonia to say ‘YES’ to this Agreement and to the prospect of NATO and EU integration. In this context, CAA commends the Albanian political factor which has lined up with the coalition of the plebiscite in order to ensure a safe future for Macedonia in NATO and the EU.

At the same time, CAA encourages all parties involved to carry on forward the agenda of domestic integration after the Referendum of 30 September 2018 based on the Ohrid Agreement and on the best models provided by states with multiethnic democracy. The ‘YES’  vote at this Referendum will be not only a contribution for Macedonia and its perspective; it will be also eaqually supportive for our region and its own future. Accordingly, CAA urges all eligible citizens in Macedonia to go to the polls on 30 September and to express their will for their country’s safe Euro-Atlantic future.

CAA holds that any effort and interference by external factors designed to incite the opposite of consensus, the opposite of reconciliation and above all the opposite of Macedonia’s integration prospect would trigger crises and conflicts.

Therefore, today, more than ever, Macedonia should be united and encouraged by the support of its neighbours and friends – the USA, the EU and NATO.