Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on North Macedonia’s Accession to NATO.


Tirana, March 18th

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors (CAA) expresses its satisfaction that the Senate of the Kingdom of Spain voted with a prevailing majority on the adoption of the Protocol on Accession of North Macedonia to NATO; the relevant decree was instantly signed by King Felipe VI, paving the way to the Republic of North Macedonia to membership of the North Atlantic Alliance and its successful track to the Euro-Atlantic integration.

As the 30th NATO Member, North Macedonia will render a valuable contribution to the strengthening and consolidating collective security in the Balkans and on a wider scale.

This is an historic moment for NATO, for all the countries of the region and most particularly for Albania, by the virtue of its unwavering support for the integrating aspiration of its neighbor.
On this occasion, we cannot fail to recall our shared path towards NATO accession, including the frame of the Adriatic Charter, whereby Albania and North Macedonia have mutually helped and supported one another to achieve this strategic goal.

Domestic efforts towards democratic reforms, dialogue and good neighborliness, the implementation of Ohrid Agreement, signing of Prespa Accord and the maintenance of the Euro-Atlantic course have lined North Macedonia up on the side of the democratic countries joined by the principles of liberty, democracy and collective security. In this regard, a specific role has been played by the Albanian factor in Macedonia, that thanks to its unwavering pro -NATO and pro- EU majority has backed up its integration policies, providing also its own institutional assistance aimed at easing up the challenges of this process.

The CAA would also like to highlight the lessons learnt from North Macedonia’s NATO accession, i.e. it is through merits, reforms and fulfilled criteria that such objectives can be met and that nothing is offered as a bonus.

While extending once again our congratulations to North Macedonia for this historic achievement, we do also express our support for all its steps in view of meeting the criteria for EU membership, improving inter-ethnic relations, implementing Ohrid Agreement and in stepping up cooperation among neighbors.