CAA alarmed: Balkan Peace processes under serious threat.


Tirana, 6 November 2021

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is following with great concern the latest political developments in Bosnia Herzegovina.
Extreme ethnic polarization and growing tensions fueled by toxic rhetoric, conflicting policies, and the provocative actions of Republika Srpska in Bosnia Herzegovina, pose a serious threat to its stability and territorial integrity, and undermine stability and peace in our region.
Bosnia Herzegovina saw the most tragic episode of bloodshed during the break-up of former Yugoslavia, caused by the hegemonic policies and genocide of Milosevic’s Serbia.  Historical facts cannot and should not be silenced.
The Council of Albanian Ambassadors reminds the international community that tolerating separatist policies and hate speech could perilously lead to recurrence of past dark scenarios.
EU and NATO countries must be determined and unanimous in preventing every fait accompli approach seeking to destabilize the Western Balkans, menacing also NATO and EU security perimeter.
The sleepwalking and silence of powerful democratic countries vis a vis actions that undermine Peace Processes and multiethnic coexistence in the region, downgrade the image and indispensable leverage that these factors have towards prevailing Euro-Atlantic strategic orientation.
The Council of Albanian Ambassadors also calls on the political leaders of the countries in the region to boldly and unequivocally oppose every tendency to undermine the functioning and territorial integrity of Bosnia Herzegovina.
The future of our region does not lie in ethnic divisions, but in inter-ethnic coexistence and Euro-Atlantic integration.