Council of Albanian Ambassadors, visits the US State Department


The last introductory meeting in Washington of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors was held at the US Department of State with Ms. Susan K. Falatko, the Director for Central and Southern Europe Affairs office.

Ms. Falatko was acquainted with the purpose and objectives of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors, with its specific role as an important part of albanian diplomacy.

The main purpose of the Council is to influence in the best and balanced way in Albania’s foreign national policy, in fulfilling its strategic objectives, by using  and providing the great experience and expertise that its members  have gained through decades of their service in the diplomatic field.

Ms. Falatko asked for the opinion of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on recent developments in Albania and especially on the progress of justice reform and the fight against corruption.

Ambassador Mustafaj used the opportunity to express to Ms. Falatko the Council’s firm believe that the US presence in Albania and the region is of a vital importance for peace and democracy.

He expressed the view that this support takes priority in Kosovo also in the meaning of the creation of the army according to NATO’s policy and standards.

Expressing satisfaction with the meeting, Mrs. Falatko assured that the US support for Albania will not change.