Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the occasion of the 12th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo.


Tirane, February 11th, 2020

On the occasion of the 12th Anniversary of the proclamation of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo,  the Council of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) extends its congratulations to the people of Kosovo and all Albanians wherever they are.

Free and independent Kosovo is the greatest achievement of our nation after Albania’s independence and a major step forward to strengthening the Albanian factor in the region.

Likewise, Kosovo’s Independence is a fundamental contribution to peace and stability in Western Balkans.

During these 12 years of its existence as an independent state, the Republic of Kosovo has scored substantial successes, both in the domestic political and economic advancement and in strengthening its position in the international arena.

Its particularly worthy to mention that Kosovo, has become an example in the region by providing the highest guaranties for the protection of individual and the collective rights of ethnic minorities.

CAA recalls that Kosovo’s Independence was proclaimed after a long and thorough process of negotiations led by the United Nations, in full coordination with our international friends and partners and abiding by international law, which was also upheld by the International Court of Justice in its advisory Opinion in 2010.

Council of Albanian Ambassadors supports the EU – facilitated dialogue for the normalization of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which should be finalized with mutual recognition by both countries. In this context, CAA welcomes the efforts of the USA and EU to promote the dialogue between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia.

CAA holds that the ongoing aggressive engagements by Serbia to the sabotage the international position of the Republic of Kosovo run against the spirit of the dialogue; they benefit no one and are a source of continuous tensions.

The end result of the dialogue on the normalization of the relations between these two countries should comply with the principles for the settlement of the final status of Kosovo, as enshrined also in the documents of the Group of Contact and in Ahtisaari’s Package.

This implies that the starting point of the dialogue on the normalization of the relations of good – neighborliness between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia should be the principle of safeguarding the territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo, the observance of human rights and multi – ethnic character, as defined in the Constitution of the country, as well as maintaining the state democratic functionality of the Republic of Kosovo.

In the opinion of CAA, it is only by outlining such an approach by all parties which may ensure long – term peace, stability and the Euro-Atlantic integration of our region.

Council of Albanian Ambassadors believes that the political establishments in Albania and in Kosovo will be able to live up to their responsibilities in the present situation and they will work together, to the benefit of the nation’s major interests, security, stability and the Euro – Atlantic spirit in Western Balkans.

While renewing its greetings for the great festive day of Kosovo, CAA extends its deepest gratefulness to all those that with numerous sacrifices turned the dream for a free and independent Kosovo into a beautiful reality.

Gratitude goes also to all the international friends of Kosovo and, in particular, to the USA and the EU that have always supported and continue to do so for the incessant consolidation of the youngest state in Europe.