CAA welcomes the agreement reached today on the abolishment of additional documents needed to enter both countries


The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the agreement reached between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, which is basically a commitment to implement the 2011 Agreement reached in Brussels, in line with the terms agreed by the parties at that time.

The withdrawal of Serbia from additional accompanying documents for the border crossing, and of Kosovo from the reciprocal response to this practice, is the best decision that serves the citizens of both countries.

This decision is also the best way to contribute to the normalization of relations between the two countries as well as to give real substance to the EU-mediated dialogue, with the support of the USA.

The commitments made by both countries in this dialogue must be fully, swiftly, and irreversibly implemented.

The dialogue cannot and should not be turned into a refrigerating mechanism of the status quo, but serve as a mechanism that produces essential progress, in line with its purpose.

CAA welcomes the commitment of the EU and US special envoys, Lajcak and Escobar, High Representative Borrell, and Secretary General Stoltenberg, for deescalating the situation and returning both countries to the table of a meaningful dialogue.

CAA calls on the EU and the USA to continue their intensive commitment to reaching a full agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, which stabilizes political relations, includes mutual recognition between the two states, as well as their obligation and responsibility for the irreversible implementation of commitments made.