A Warm Welcome to New Members of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors


Tirana, November 4th 2019

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors during a little more than a year after its founding has already become a consolidated forum of high profile professionals, who follow up, analyse and advise on issues related to Albanian foreign policy and national interests.

Most recently, this Forum was joined by laudable diplomats and personalities of public life from Kosovo and Northern Macedonia. They have brought with a great value added in representing voices that carry weight in upholding and promoting our national interests.

We are very happy to inform on the latest CAA members – former Ambassador of Northern Macedonia in the EU in Brussels and former Presidential Candidate of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Blerim REKA, former Ambassador of Kosovo in Washington and Ankara, Mr. Avni Spahiu and former Ambassador of Kosovo in Rome, Mrs. Alma Lama.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes them wholeheartedly and expresses its confidence that their contribution will further enrich and boost the CAA Mission for the defence of our best national interests as well as in our European and Euro-Atlantic route.